Tuesday 24 March 2015

New Power Figure after Link G4+ Install???

Going for a Link G4+ PNP ECU in April

Curious to see what the new power figure will be, what do you reckon?

Current Performance Details
307.2BHP at the Wheels @ 5976RPM
353.3BHP at the Fly @ 5983RPM
342.3lbft of Torque @ 4426RPM
Peak of 0.88Bar of Boost @ 4855RPM

Nothing will change apart from Link ECU kit & sports cat installation & HKS FCON iS Piggyback w/loom, map & air sensor will be removed

Still on stock turbo/injectors

Place your bets now.......

Link ECU Spec
Link G4+ ECU
Link 4Bar Map Sensor
Link Boost Control Sensor
Link CAS trigger wheel

Here are the engine spec:

1997 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T Series 2 w/RB25DET(136,000KM, rebuilt at 110,000KM)

ACL Big-End Bearings
ACL Main Bearings
Autobahn888 Silicone Intake Pipe(Blue)
Conceptua Uprated Fuel Filter
Cosworth Steel Head Gasket
HKS Actuator(Set to 1.0Bar)
HKS Oil Cap
HKS Rad Cap
HKS Silent Hi-Power Cat Back Bung(Optional)
HKS Silent Hi-Power Cat Back Exhaust
HKS Stainless Steel Downpipe with Wideband Bung
HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded Filter
Knight-Racer Carbon Cam Gear Cover
Knight-Racer Carbon Coil Pack Cover
Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 10w-50
Mishimoto Alu Rad
Mocal 19 Row Oil Cooler - AN10 Fitment
NGK BKR7EIX Spark Plugs - 0.8mm Gap
Nismo 250LPH Fuel Pump
Nismo Low Temp Thermostat
Nissan Genuine OEM Gaskets
Nissan Genuine OEM N1 Oil Pump(TDP.ie Reconditioned)
Nissan Genuine OEM N1 Water Pump
Nissan Genuine OEM O2 Sensor
Nissan Genuine OEM RB26 Heat Exchanger
Nissan Genuine OEM Timing Belt / Tensioners Kit
Samco Vacuum Hoses(Blue)
SFS Silicone Breather Hose Set(Blue)
SFS Silicone Coolant Hose Set(Blue)
SplitFire Direct Ignition System Coil Packs
TDP.ie Custom FMIC Piping
TDP.ie FMIC Core
Wossner 86.5mm Forged Pistons