Sunday, 19 April 2020

Update: 19/04/2020 - Winter Storage & COVID-19 Impact!

Update: 19/04/2020

Not a huge amount has happened since last update apart from putting some more KMs on the clock. Have gotten used to the Nismo Coppermix Twin plate and its epic bit of kit. Performance wise, car was going well although sounds like an air leak somewhere but despite my best efforts, i couldn't find anything. The Vibrant 300 cel sports cat has made it that bit louder.

Car was put into winter storage before i could get a chance to do NCT due to a mountain of college work so went into storage and got a full paint correction and ceramic coating in the mean time. Was mean to pick up the car mid march. I had just taxed it for 3 months(305euro), got my disk and was about to go down to get it out of storage(approx 90mins away) and then the full lockdown hit here in Ireland so had to abandon that idea. Car is still sitting tucked up away in storage nice and dry and warm with a cosmos large indoor cover over it. Looks class.

I am worried about the lack of NCT though. Am seeing alot of cars being seized. Its out since end of Nov2019 but I have all the paper work to prove it was off the road and still in storage. I had NCT booked for 10th April to be fair but all that got cancelled also.

But over the winter months, i started to collect a few parts for my 2020 Jobs list on the R33.

2020 To-Do Jobs List:

BOV blanking plate
Link CAN Lambda Wideband w/Bosch 4.9 Sensor
NGK BKR8EIX Spark Plugs - 0.8mm Gap
Nismo Shift Knob GT500 Soft Urethane
Nismo Racing Radiator Cap
Nismo S-Tune Oil Filler Cap Aluminum
MeisterR CRD Coilovers & Damper Extension Cables
Stock cat back on for way overdue NCT
Stoptech 309 Sports Brake Pads - F
Nismo Rear Lower Link Arm Set
OEM Exhaust / Gearbox Rubber mount
Funk Motorsport Gold Heat Tape
Link G4+ 2020 Map

I am sure there are other bits and bobs to do and parts hiding away in the attic!

Unsure of when i'll get the car back now due to the virus lockdown but with college wrapping up in July, hopefully i'll have alot more time with the car going forward compared to the last 4 years!

As always, stay tuned!

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Update: 31/07/2019 - Great Progress!

Update: 31/07/2019

Alot has happened since last update back in Feb hence the long post. Progress & forum updates have been slow due to college exams and moving into our new house along with the family expanding. I do love a challenge! I have bite the bullet and paid for image hosting via photo bucket so alot of pictures are about to be uploaded!

Since the work back in Feb, did some research around a suitable replacement clutch and I went with a Nismo Coppermix Twin Plate clutch - bit of an overkill for now but is perfectly suited for future plans :-) The old exedy stage 2 sports paddle clutch served its purpose over the last few years but was slipping with the added boost. Being a nismo part, you know it is going to be quality. However, with that in the RHDjapan shopping basket, nismo suspension arms and greddy oil filters also fell in accidentally. Order was paid for and shipped but unfortunately DHL hit me for a serious amount of customs duty to the tune of 380euro!!! which was tough to swallow but had to be done.

Old Exedy Stage2 Sports Clutch

Nismo Coppermix Twin Plate & Various Parts

Over the past few years, I have struggled to find a quality sports cat which, in theory, should be less restrictive then stock but still keep emissions down. I found an amazing welder on instagram who agreed to weld on some flanges to the Vibrant 300cel sports cat. As parts started to arrive, i also picked up a catch can and associated AN fittings and hoses. With all parts collected, it was time to head back up to Richard Bradley for fitting and setup again. The ask was to fit the nismo clutch, arms, oil change again, sports cat, setup launch control(hehe) & catch can etc

Big thank you to Gus for the help with transportation

Richard Bradley Prep

With it all setup, it made a bit more power. However it looks like the sports cat is still restrictive causing additional duty cycle to meet the power. A silenced decat is on the cards me thinks!

Performance Details - AutoExtreme Hybrid 450bhp on BradleyMotorworks Dyno
340BHP at the Wheels @ 6278RPM
370.7BHP at the Fly @ 6278RPM
329.2lbft of Torque @ 4787RPM
Peak of 1.5Bar of Boost @ 6278RPM

With the car setup now and running well all I can say is it is violent delivery of power lol. I managed to squeeze in a track day with Rob & the team at Completed plenty of laps and the car survived well until i generated a boost leak somewhere which put an end to the day towards the end which was good. Tyres took a hammering. Really do need better suspension to remove that lean and crack the 2:15 time. Alot more left in the car. 19th July Pics - no specific order

With the move to the new house, i have no cleaning gear with me so the car was manky especially after the trackday. I found a local mobil valet guy who was recommended by a neighbour. After speaking with him, he knew what he was talking about and used similar products to what i use so was an easy decision. Great results and delighted to have it clean again

Mobile Valet

Random Pictures

So what is next I hear you say? Well, got to get a silenced decat and get that fitted and mapped again and start the saving pot for some better suspension and see what happens :-)

As always, stay tuned....

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Update: 18/02/2018 - Back on the Road!

Update: 18/02/2018

Long overdue update! Alot has happened since last update back in 2018! Adult-ing and life has gotten in the way alot, especially with college. I do like a challenge!

Since the last update, the following has happened: 

*New drivers side wiper arm - original one had been bent and was missing part of the window, no matter how i bent it back into shape, it still missed the portion of the window

*Mobil1 10w60 Extended Life Engine Oil w/Greddy Oil Filter OX-03

*Titan Steel Wheel Nuts in black - sick of steel nuts going rusty!

*Fitted CL RC5+ rear pads & DBA T3 4000 series rear discs to match front setup(epic combo, apart from squeal)

*Due to lack of use, battery died on me so picked up a new Platinum Prestige 45Ah 350A battery. Since fitted a CTEK battery indicator and easy terminal disconnect knob thingy bob

Then in early November, we dropped the car up to Bradley Motorsports up north. Thank you to Gus for lift back and up. The plan was to fit the following: 

Autoextreme 400BHP hybrid turbo and fitting kit
Tomei Expreme Outlet Pipe
Sytec Fuel Filter
Nismo 740cc Side-Feed Injectors w/all new nissan seals
90 Degree Reducer Silicone Hose(Black)
Venom 200cel Sports Cat
Mobil1 10w60 Extended Life Engine Oil w/Greddy Oil Filter OX-03
Wiring Specialities Coilpack Pro-Series Loom
Wiring Specialities Injector Pro-Series Loom
Nismo FPR
Switchable boost switch connected to Link G4+ ecu
Alternator & stock mani were replaced along with all boost leaks sorted(split IC couplers on high boost only)

Unfortunately, the turbo shat itself on the dyno due to a manufacturing fault. It was sent back, resolved then sent back to Richard. All fitted and back on the dyno and the bearings in the turbo shat itself so back off again. 

At which point, i went back and got a good price on the AutoExtreme 450BHP hybrid - send stocker off and they rebuild it with Garrett internals etc. That finally arrived at Richards and was fitted, mapped and all other parts above fitted.

Long story short, clutch is not happy with new found power and slipping high up so that and a nismo diff is next on the list. With that sorted, it will see more power

Performance Details - AutoExtreme Hybrid 450bhp on BradleyMotorworks Dyno
332.2BHP at the Wheels @ 6319RPM
361BHP at the Fly @ 6319RPM
322.4lbft of Torque @ 4696RPM
Peak of 1.4Bar of Boost @ 6319RPM

The car is a different animal to drive now, doesn't drink as much fuel and is violent on high boost. Deffo deeper tone from exhaust too. 

Next up are a few minor jobs for NCT on the 28th Feb. Looking forward to giving it some welly on track soon also. Hats off to Richard, he did a great job. 

Stay tuned.....

Thursday, 15 November 2018

November Update Coming

Apologies for the lack of updates. Life has gotten in the way.

November update on the way shortly - Hybrid Turbo install :-)

Monday, 28 May 2018

Update: 28/05/2018 - Hybrid is here

Update: 28/05/2018 - Hybrid is here!

Took a while to get here but its here. It came with the fitting kit(2x coolant & 1x oil braided lines, gaskets, new turbo studs & even an oil filled syringe to help prime). I now have 90% of the required parts to install. Missing a 90 degree silicone reducer elbow.

Stock setup has a metal elbow but hybrid doesn't. Here lies the problem. my custom IC piping is 63mm in diameter and hybrid turbo IC outlet is 53mm in diameter. Do you think i can find a suitable sized pipe? hell no!

I can find 63mm >>> 51mm but not 53mm. Have a few more places to check before plan B would be to get a 90 degree bend welded to it to suit.

Still not settled on who will tune. getting some fairly hefty prices for install and mapping so looking further afield this time around but will see. Alot of things to consider.

In other non-exciting news, new lambda sensor and drivers side wiper arm fitted.

Can't wait to get it all fitted, will be a question of where & when once I can find this silicone reducer elbow

As always, stay tuned. Anyway some pics

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

03/04/2018: Finally a Turbo Upgrade!!!

Am wary of the stock series2 turbo these days as it is getting tired and old. Really not sure how it has even lasted so long at this power but Big news! I know I have been saying it for ages but I finally bit the bullet after many months deciding what way I wanted to go with the turbo setup. After buying a new house and having to furnish it from top to bottom when we get the keys in September, there was a limited turbo upgrade budget available.

I wanted stock-ish engine bay looks and an eager responsive setup so this week I ordered an AutoExtreme 400BHP Hybrid Turbo(UK Built)& fitting kit(braided lines etc), Tomei Expreme Outlet(Open mouth elbow), Nismo 740cc injectors and am just about to order a 90 degree silicone bend for the turbo. This will be a stop gap until I go full balls out Sinco/6Boost mani with GT(X)3076R w/ext wastegate but who knows when that will be. The hybrid turbo has been selling well in the UK for the last 2/3 years with zero failures and very good feedback and most power figures around the 408BHP @the fly wheel. There was a recent easter promotion discounted price so got in quick!

The turbo

Tomei Expreme Outlet Pipe

Nismo 740cc Side-Feed Injectors

Have stockpiled a wad of parts over the last few months to do a few bits & bobs

Nissan Genuine OEM O2 Sensor
Sytec Fuel Filter
Titan Steel Wheel Nuts(Black)
CL RC5+ Brake Pads(4069) - R
DBA T3 4000 Discs - R
Mobil1 10w60 Extended Life Engine Oil w/Greddy Oil Filter OX-03

Had planned on hitting the track on the 6th April but with college work mounting up and being away with work, I never got a chance to get the car ready. There are plenty more track days later on in the year so will get booked in for them once car is sorted.

The Tomei & Nismo parts are en-route from Japan, should have the Hybrid turbo & fitting kit within the next 2 weeks.

With the new power, I can only assume I will need an uprated diff & next stage clutch but will see how we get on first.

So with my exams over in May, I will hopefully be able to focus on the car for the summer months and get all these parts added and keep her running sweet!

As always, stay tuned!