Friday 4 September 2015

Update: 04/09/2015 - Engine Management Light

Still waiting on my wideband sensor / controller but in the meantime, I have been out for a few hoons and it is running better once you are over 3500rpm, below that still a bit lumpy etc

But once its fully warm, it goes like a hot snot, instant response. Can only imagine what an hybrid turbo would be like in it

Anyways, on my way back from a spin on Tue night, I came round a bend and the EML started to flicker in a sequence then I lost all power and pulled over & the engine died. Tried a restart but kept dying. Shit, limited mobile batt power, no torches & on the darkest road possible

EML sequence before the car batt died

shortly after that the duff car battery gave up & I was left with no power at all

Got it recovered(Thanks to Gem!) & typical it started fine coming off the trailer after I had attached my power pack to it

Next day I hooked up the notebook to it and discovered

Link ECU Fault Code

ECU Fault Code 26: An volt 6 below Error Low value
ECU Fault Code 74: Analog 5v Supply Error

An6 - NB Oxy(V) = 0.74 going up to 0.82

Link ECU Fault Code 26 & 74

Spoke with TDP & Robbie was able to remotely connect to the ECU(once i plugged in my notebook) and check everything over and it was all ok. Error code was down to the duff lambda sensor & 74 was more than likely when the battery died on me

Cleared the fault codes and let it warm up with no faults. ECU & sensors are all getting all the power/ground they need. TDP reckon the fuel pump relay and/or the clifford immob might have caused it to cut the fuel pump

Will drop it down(was planning it anyway) to TDP next week to get the wide band in & calibrated, idle control cleaned and check the fuel electrical system.

Just after taxing it too!

Stay tuned.....