Monday 28 May 2018

Update: 28/05/2018 - Hybrid is here

Update: 28/05/2018 - Hybrid is here!

Took a while to get here but its here. It came with the fitting kit(2x coolant & 1x oil braided lines, gaskets, new turbo studs & even an oil filled syringe to help prime). I now have 90% of the required parts to install. Missing a 90 degree silicone reducer elbow.

Stock setup has a metal elbow but hybrid doesn't. Here lies the problem. my custom IC piping is 63mm in diameter and hybrid turbo IC outlet is 53mm in diameter. Do you think i can find a suitable sized pipe? hell no!

I can find 63mm >>> 51mm but not 53mm. Have a few more places to check before plan B would be to get a 90 degree bend welded to it to suit.

Still not settled on who will tune. getting some fairly hefty prices for install and mapping so looking further afield this time around but will see. Alot of things to consider.

In other non-exciting news, new lambda sensor and drivers side wiper arm fitted.

Can't wait to get it all fitted, will be a question of where & when once I can find this silicone reducer elbow

As always, stay tuned. Anyway some pics