Friday 3 July 2015

Update: 03/07/2015 - Still not charging!

So we managed to fit the recon'd R33 alternator with little or no problems last Thursday, deffo do-able on axle stands but would be so much easier on a ramp

extra pair of hands is essential though!

Anyways, all in, jumped the car and it started with 14.0v on the multi-meter, thought I was sorted so went for a spin but the volts kept dropping but balanced out around 13.5v but the car runs like a dog with mis-fires etc, just like before so no change!

However, i stuck with it, checked all the fuses and wiring, all seemed above board. After running out of ideas, I had to give in so contacted TDP & dropped it down on Tuesday for them to work their magic

It is nothing obvious but hopefully its something simple

While all of this is going on, myself & herself are in the process of moving to another rented property(wedding first in September then will buy) so am fine for TDP to keep the car & sort it out

However, the new house has this so it makes me happy. Will actually be able to wash the car, work on it & give it some attention. Living in an apartment sucks when you are a petrol head!

New man cave

Will update once I hear what is causing the car not to charge, can't be much as I have replaced the alternator with a new one & a new battery.

As always, stay tuned.....