Tuesday 16 May 2017

Update: 16/05/2017 - Brake Upgrade

Well my DBA(Disc Brakes Australia) front rotors finally arrived yesterday from Oz via Poland. Ordered them in early March but there were none in Europe so one set was sent from Oz and I snapped them up.

Apart from EBC, there are not alot of rotor options for the stock 296mm sized rotor.

To compliment the front CL RC5+ pads, I also picked up some RC5+ pads for the rears from MurrayMotorSport. Hopefully they will fit(same dimensions as my rear EBC red stuff pads). Will keep the EBC rear discs for the moment.

While I was at it, I picked up a sytec fuel filter from conceptua. The bosch one would fit however, I had a sytec in it before and as a result, the bracket for the stock sized bosch one had been stretched. For ease, I just went with the sytec filter again. That is on my to-do list over next few weeks. 

Car is running well, however I still have a gut feeling that my monstrous use of fuel is down to the lack of a recirclating bov. ECU fueling is all fine as per the AFRs so something is amiss. My stock one was leaking so replaced it wit a turbosmart one ages ago which is nice but cant recirc it without a specific pipe & bend. I was bored and kinda of missed the HKS chirp so bought a new HKS SQV w/recirc kit from RHDjapan to replace the practically new turbosmart one. Will see if I really do miss the signature HKS chirpy sound! The Link G4+ ecu & map sensor should be able handle the change & adjust accordingly.

Hopefully my theory is correct and stock turbo = stock elbow = recirc bov for smoothness. Will see!

Gave the car another clean. There has been alot of dust in the air lately plus I must have killed most of Ireland's fly population!

Things to do next:
HKS SSQv kit is about to be shipped from Japan so will fit that, fit new discs & pads, sytec fuel filter & replace my DW wheel nuts with titan ones which I picked up from Pro-Parts ages ago. Book myself in for the next Octane Track Day also.

As always, stay tuned