Tuesday 11 April 2017

Update: 11/04/2017 - Pulling like a train!

So since start of March college has taken up a large amount of any free time I have had but have been out for a few blasts but discovered a slight knock from the front of the engine.

On closer inspection, it appears the washer on the crank bolt had collapsed and the pulley was having a wobble! Crank bolt was tight so no issue with it coming off.

Ordered some new parts from rhdjapan and kudosmotorsport to keep it running sweet. I noticed that the viscous fan had hairline cracks all over it so picked up a new one. Along with a new passo arch liner, new stock thermostat, AC pulley & bosch fuel filter.

Once it had all arrived, off down to TDP where they sorted out the crank pulley bolt/washer, fitted the new oem thermostat, new fan and AC pulley. When i went down to collect it, we went out and fine tuned the Link ecu. The engine was running much hotter now and the Link ecu was alot happier. Some extra fuel added in down low the lumpy idle has almost gone and boost tables tweaked she is pulling like a train now. much nicer to drive.

I guess the nismo low temp thermostat was making it run too cold for the Link ECU. Either way, it is alot better now!

I even did a 586km round trip to Cork on Friday and it ran perfectly. The oil temp sits just at 88c at 120kph and drops down nicely when you slow down thanks to the oil cooler.

Some pics from a evening spins now that it is getting brighter

Next steps is to just enjoy it for the moment. I need to get some paint correction done on it to get uber clean - badly needs a clay for that glass feeling. Have also ordered some DBA T3 4000series front discs to compliment my RC5+ pads. Will fit them all together when they arrive and get rid of the EBC discs & pads

As always, stay tuned....