Thursday 1 December 2016

Update: 01/12/2016 - Review of the year

With so much going on at the moment, I have not had a chance to update this thread as much as I wanted to so it might be a lengthy update.

Quite a lot of things happened during 2016. From getting the 4x new Goodyear Eagle F1 Assy2 tyres to getting the turrets and leaky boot sorted to a leaking heater matrix to getting out on track to melting & killing wideband wiring & sensors to passing the 140KM milestone to upgrades and not forgetting failing the dreaded NCT, not once but twice!. What a challenging year this year was.

Getting chased at #OTD28

Wicklow spin in the sun

Quick maintenance wash

Since the last update back in September, the passo side wheel arch decided to come slightly loose(common enough) and rub on the wheel and tear it apart. This is the 3rd one since I got the car. Ordered a brand new one from than some 2nd hand prices from UK !) along with some additional Greddy OX-3 oil filters to keep me topped up for the next while. Also ordered some CL RC5+ front brake pads to replace the awful EBC Red Stuffs in there at the moment. They did me no favors out on track.

CL RC5+ Front Pads(4047)

During October, Few spins down the country went well, plenty of power and got maybe around 330km to a tank when cruising. I took the car back down to TDP as when it was cold, it wasnt running very smooth and being a bit of a pig. TDP reckon that with the Nismo thermostat in(been in for years) it makes it run too cold and the Link ECU doesn't like it and dumps more fuel in so over winter, I'll need to put stock one back in and see how it goes. Also, the AC pulley bearing had gone so its now removed awaiting a new one & belt.

Sid the horse, I mean dog in TDP

As for November, the NCT was due at the end of the month, but with alot of college work and travelling for work, I didn't have alot of time but booked it in early. It passed on every single thing apart from missing drivers airbag and misaligned drivers headlight. I was shocked at the missing airbag as it has never failed on that before. I did get the hardest tester which didn't help. Anyways, I challenged him to show me where in the regs does it state I must have one but they kept pointing to "modification" section.

I put it through again without doing anything to the wheel with the hope of getting another tester. But they are now crafty, there are notes on the system so once he didnt see the airbag, instant fail once again. Oh and the drivers light failed again despite it looking perfect.

I dug out my stock wheel from my parent's attic and pulled off the Momo Race one and fitted stock again. It is awful to drive with it. Really miss the Momo Race wheel. Really changes how chuckable the car is. Had to get some aluminium paper and bend it to force the bulb to recenter(bent clip causing it to be mis-aligned).

Not perfect but got it to pass on the 3rd time. Complete pain in the hole. Means I now have to change the wheel every year. Quick job though with a hub pullers.

NCT - Nov2016 Emissions

Momo Race Steering wheel coming off with help of a hub puller

Had to find my Daikei Hicas / Airbag Hub & put stock one back on

Stock Steering Wheel back on for NCT - awful!

Took it out for one final blast last night and put some juice in it & now its wrapped away for the winter. Will give it a good scrub on Saturday, potentially clay it. Wifey got me me a DA6 Pro for Christmas so will give it a good going over after then aswell.

Some goodies

Winter jobs planned: Fit passo wheel arch, fit fresh fuel filter & 8mm line, try source a HKS exhaust hanger for mid section, get another AC pulley/belt & fit, fit new CL RC5+ front brake pads, swap back the steering wheel and pop in the stock thermostat.

Final KM Check for 2016

Drove a total of 3,319kms in 2016. Hopefully 2017 will be more! As always stay tuned.....