Thursday 12 October 2017

Update 12/10/2017: Long Overdue Update

Long overdue an update. Between impending birth of a little person, buying a new house, general life getting in the way & photobucket wrecking my project thread, I have not kept this updated.

Alot has happened since last update. but here is a quick summary. Will add some pictures to bottom of this post

  • DBA T3 4000 discs & CL RC5+ front pads installed. Excellent setup once you bed them in. Have picked up rear discs and pads to match and remove the EBC rear setup also. Both Front & Rear EBC setup for sale by the way
  • Had the suspension turrets sorted again as there was slight discolouring again. All the skins were removed this time and replaced so fully repairing it. While the car was down in the bodyshop, there was some restoration behind the skirts and general tidy up underneath. The big bit of work was box section steel replacing the squished sills so much stronger now when jacking up. No fear of the sills being squished again with big jacks.
  • Installed the HKS SSQV and removed the Turbosmart Recirc BOV(also for sale). Was going to recirc the HKS but requires a bit more work to do that properly so will leave it venting to atmosphere for the moment
  • Was out on track with the octane gang around mondello. managed a not too shabby 2m17s lap via harry lap timer. The brakes make a big difference. Still a bit rolly with the nismo s-tune suspension setup so coilovers might be on the card. Played with the tyre pressures too. A good 42 laps put the good year Eagle F1 Assy2's to the test and they performed very well and held up well too.
  • While the car was in the bodyshop, i had them remove the cusco front strut brace and spray it black. Tidies up the engine bay alot better. Will eventually go all black in the engine bay.
  • While i was on a track day buzz, i signed up the recent RunwayClub event which was a great day of fun. Needs alot better organisation but overall went well. Managed a 193kph top speed run in the very short 1000m. Waiting around in the queue generating heat soak really didn't help. Could feel it sluggish up top but that is purely down to the stock turbo.
  • Exciting new bosch wiper blades went on.

Next steps are to replace a few vac lines, NCT, replace fuel filter, install rear DBA/RC CL5+ brake setup, oil/filter then pop her away for the winter from 1st Dec

As always, stay tuned

Some pics