Friday 15 January 2016

Update: 15/01/2016 - New Rubber!

no major updates as the car is off the road from 1st Dec until 1st March. May get it back on the road in Feb but will see how the weather is.

Had been looking at getting new tires for a while now & was waiting for a good deal in Discount Tyres in Dublin - recommend them.

so bit the bullet & took the 4 wheels off and dropped them over on Sat & picked them up on Thursday with 4 new Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 rubber all round.

stayed with the previous sizes, 235/40/18 on the front with 255/35/18 on the rear. Decent bit of rim protector also. The threads look beefy as hell.

Technically there is a bit of life left on the Falken FK452s. While they were reasonable in the dry, they were completely useless in any form of damp/wet conditions and made the rear twitchy(which is fun dont get me wrong, just not at 120km on the motorway when over taking lol).

I did bring the old tyres home, will sell them to anyone who wants them.

Apart from that, just keeping the battery topped up by starting it every week and checking things over. Serious amount of wind/rain down our way recently so have stripped out the boot to keep on eye on any potential water pooling in the boot.

The plan in 2016 is to get out on track a few times. Got a new Sparco lid at christmas from the new wife so looking forward to using it. Will be using it as the daily as often as I can so will get some KMs on it. Got some roadtrips planned so will take it instead of the daysul.

Still doing alot of research on all the bits i need for the next power stage - injectors, turbo, downpipe, lines etc so starting to make a plan & possible purchase over the next while. Good deal on nismo 750cc injectors on RHDjapan at the mo.

Any, some pics

New Foam Lance to keep the snow foam flowing instead of leaking into my hand

Aerial Shot

New rubber

Serious thread

Love this pic of the rear lights

Stay tuned....