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Update:18/05/2008 - Update

Update: 15/05/2008 - Nismo Short Shifter Fitting

Nismo Short Shifter and Nismo Carbon Gear Knob Fitted

New Nismo Short Shifter with Nismo Carbon Gear Knob for R33

Current Stock Setup

Remove Gear Stick plastic cover - one screw behind ash tray and gently pull the cover up and expose the following

Remove the 4 screws and lift plate out along with rubber boot, Peel back this 2nd rubber boot, there is a cable tie holding it to the gearbox - snip it

Exposed gear stick - get a C clips and remove C clip, once removed gear stick will just lift up and out

Nismo Short Shifter vs Nissan Stock - looks similar but is shorter and has less throw on it

Nismo Short Shifter back in place - reverse steps above, you will need a new cable tie to secure the boot onto the gearbox

Replace boot and metal place and secure back in place with the 4 screws

Replace plastic covering and screw back in place behind ash try, attach new gear knob and applaud yourself

On my test drive, it works quite well, noticeable difference, shorter through, slight vibration from gear knob, just needs to be secured tighter, all good

Approx time to fit = 20-30 mins
Screw driver and C Clips needed - very straight forward

Update: 12/05/2008

Update for you

The splitfires arrived on thursday and i fitted them on friday night and the car pulls so much better now, completly different car compared to previous, alot of low down power, still a little boggy some times, but im guessing that could be a slight over fueling due the new HKS fuel pump

Have a few more parts on the way consisting of Nismo Short Shifter with Nismo Carbon Gear Knob and SFS Silicone Breather Hose kit

So there was a parcel at home for me which was the SFS silicone breather hoses in blue

Fitted them this evening




Big thanks to Vicky at temple tuning for the quick delivery

Update: 30/04/2008

well the HKS Fuel Pump and the HKS SSQV arrived last night, popped on the SSQV and removed the old dead pump and we plumbed in the new HKS Fuel Pump, jumped the car(batt was dead) and the car started back into life!!!

The fuel filter on the end of the old pump was filthy dirty!

Awesome - skyline smiles all around

on the test drive, all seems ok, i feel that the new uprated fuel pump is slightly overfueling as the car doesn't feel as quick as before(bear in mind its nearly been a month since i have driven it! ) went for a drive and by the end, it feeled a little better - the ECU had started to re-learn

so the more i drive it, the better it should get hopefully

Just waiting on the splitfires to arrive and i have also ordered a Nismo Short Shifter and Nismo Carbon Gear Knob, some nice editions

Update: 23/04/2008

Bit of an update here for you

On the way back from the crosswater meet last month, my car died on me and left me on the side of the road - got a tow back and the car has been sitting in my drive after myself and Dizz and Fintan diagnosed the fuel pump died

What a sad sad day lol

So i ordered a nice new HKS fuel pump and HKS SSQV from Nengun, they shipped today

Just to make things nice and smooth, i also ordered Splitfires today from RHDJapan so they will be here in a short while

Can't wait to get driving it, can't beleive how much i have actually missed it lol

Update: 04/04/2008

Quick update on my car, nothing much happening over the last few weeks, got annoying rattle sorted out(Thanks Paul@RPMotors), car running quite sweet now

Got it valet'd today up in - great place

More to come, hopefully some new wheels :D

Update: 09/03/2008

Well, got the car back from RPMotors(Paul/Corsa12v) today

Things that were on the To-Do List

All Aux belts replaced
Timing belt and tensioners
Gearbox Oil
Diff Oil
Rad Flush
Fuel Filter
Handbrake Tightened

Fitment of the Knight Racer Carbon Cam Cover - looks awesome, not a straight fitment though, needed some adjustment and now makes some noise, so will need to be trimmed again

That will be it for the next short while, car is running super sweet now, Many Thanks to Paul(RPMotors) great job

Update: 04/03/2008

Pics of the carbon fibre coil pack cover - yum yum

Update: 02/03/2008

Well its March already, the months are flying past so far, another quick update

Finally a nice dry but windy weekend, i dropped all the old oil out of the car and filled it back up again with Motul 15w50 along with a new power enterprise oil filter

Also replaced all of the plugs, the ones that were in it where fairly old and very brown so they needed a change anyway, popped the NGK(BKR7EIX) ones in and put it all back together, was quite impressed with my self for doing it all

Thanks to Dizz for the use of his garage and for cleaning the throttle body, it was manky and sticking, now its like new! Car pulls like a train now with the new plugs, nice difference

Car will be heading to RPMotors(RBPaul from here) to get all of the gearbox/diff oil, all of the belts including timing belt & tensioners next week so the car will be running super sweet, the only way to be!!

Update: 05/02/2008

this arrived for me today to replace the stock airbox

the spooling sound off this is amazing, boost is still the same roughly, turbo seems to spool up quicker - result

More to come....

Update: 02/02/2008

Quick update, Defi BF Boost Gauge was installed during the week, big thanks to Mark - Scotsman for installing it, top job, im crap with wiring but am learning! they look awesome and can't wait to get more of them!!

Anyway,  some more pics/vids for you

Gauge Location

Ignition Off


On at Idle

Play Back Mode - deadly feature!! can record up to 3 mins of data

Some vids for you also

Play Mode
Closing Down

Stay tuned for more.......

Update: 17/01/2008

Logbook and tax disc all arrived yesterday, just need to stick it up on the window and thats box ticked on the to-do list

Brendan from took the skyline this morning and installed the clifford 650mk2 with turbo timer, took it at 10:30 and it was back in my house by 15:00

Top class installation, high recommend MDS to anyone looking for a clifford

He also installed my stereo too and i picked up my Nissan Din Pocket after they rapped me for it first lol so need to throw that in and the jobs a good'un

Carbon Parts are still to arrive, will get some fresh pics up when the weather clears up!!!

Update: 12/01/2008

well i decided to transfer over the insurance today just tempory for the weekend as i was sick of not being able to drive it lol

So taxed it/insured/filled it with E5 and off i went for a test drive - 93kms, i couldn't stop grinning ear to ear

Managed to clean up the interior, not fully done yet but getting there, stripped all the wires out etc

Out on the drive, it goes perfect!!! no unusal noises/clunks, suspension/brakes all seem spot on, handling is great, engine is perfect, oil pressure all stable going through up the revs, gave it a good work out in all the gears, effortless power in it!!! Gearbox was a little crunchy but as this was the first time it was actually driven in about 8 days, it soon disappeared

my cheeks now hurt from having the skyline smile since 2pm this afternoon!!

Stay Tuned.....

PS - i now hate white, its minging again lol

Update: 10/01/2008

and the mods begin......

Going for a nice carbon theme :D

Bought these two bad boys today, thanks to Albert from KnightRacer, looking forward to getting them!!

Cam Gear Cover

Coil Pack Cover

Hopefully off to VRT the car tomorrow and get my plates and tax it

Full service will happen within the next few weeks, she is sitting in my driveway anyway so harm there

Can't to start driving it!

Update: 4/01/2008 - Finally Here!

oh yes, she is finally home!!!!!! bit of a plava at the docks surrounding transport home but luckily Danni came to our rescue - THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!

Great BIG thanks to Anto for all his help today, your a total legend!!!

Needed a booster pack to start which is fairly normal, she idles spot on and oil pressure is perfect when warm, interior will need a bit of a tidy up, prev owner liked neon lights me thinks and ripped out the double din but left me a TV with all the tuner and cd changers in the boot!!!!!

Up early in the morning and will tackle the writing on the windscreen and give it an almighty epic scrub - will have better pics tomorrow!!!

here are one or two.....

Update: 29/12/2007

Well i think i spotted the boat arriving in yesterday from what i can gather, got all the documents sorted and hopefully off to the brokers for clearance on Monday! can't wait

fingers crossed, i should be able to pick it up next thursday/friday!!

hurry up!!

Update: 14/12/2007

Got all my documents in the post today, car is confirmed on the boat and is due to arrive on the 27th of DECEMBER!!!!!!! what damm good pressie to me!!

can not wait!!

Update: 13/11/2007

my lonely skyline is still sitting on the docks in Nagota Japan waiting for a boat

Hurry the fook up!!!

No ETA on the boat as of yet either, i could be waiting, but it gives me time to sell my current car(not good time for selling though!!)

Plus side is that if it arrives in Jan, the VRT will be cheaper as its technically a year older by then

I have a parts stash in my room already, it consists of H1 HID kit, new NGK plugs, HKS heat sheild, my pioneer bluetooth stereo and power enterprise oil filter

Car would get a full service when it arrives consisting of cam belt, all belts, fluids, filters

Then comes a clifford alarm and a few defi gauges, then after that we will see

Clean Stock RB25DET Series2 Engine

Right back at the start!

Bought a stock White Nissan Skyline R33 GTST S2 from japan, have not got it yet, its still sitting in japan waiting for the boat!!

Some Details

'97 Nissan Skyline ‚f‚s‚r−‚s ‚l
Chassis Prefix : ECR33
F5 | White
2500 cc | 73,000 kms
Condition Grade : 4.0
Shaken Registration 08/12

Project Power Target is 350bhp at the wheels, maybe more :)




Rear Seats

Front Seats

I'll try and keep this project thread up to date with lots of pics for you pic whores out there:uy:


This will be a blog about my long term project car, my 1997 Nissan Skyline R33 GTST Series2 which I imported from Japan myself back in Jan 2008.

This will be a copy & paste(most significant updates) from my project thread on from when the car arrived on the 4th Jan 2008 to the present day.

Full project thread located on here

So grab yourself a tea/coffee & enjoy the read. If you have any questions, just shout