Wednesday 17 September 2014

Update: 12/01/2008

well i decided to transfer over the insurance today just tempory for the weekend as i was sick of not being able to drive it lol

So taxed it/insured/filled it with E5 and off i went for a test drive - 93kms, i couldn't stop grinning ear to ear

Managed to clean up the interior, not fully done yet but getting there, stripped all the wires out etc

Out on the drive, it goes perfect!!! no unusal noises/clunks, suspension/brakes all seem spot on, handling is great, engine is perfect, oil pressure all stable going through up the revs, gave it a good work out in all the gears, effortless power in it!!! Gearbox was a little crunchy but as this was the first time it was actually driven in about 8 days, it soon disappeared

my cheeks now hurt from having the skyline smile since 2pm this afternoon!!

Stay Tuned.....

PS - i now hate white, its minging again lol

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