Wednesday 17 September 2014

Update: 13/11/2007

my lonely skyline is still sitting on the docks in Nagota Japan waiting for a boat

Hurry the fook up!!!

No ETA on the boat as of yet either, i could be waiting, but it gives me time to sell my current car(not good time for selling though!!)

Plus side is that if it arrives in Jan, the VRT will be cheaper as its technically a year older by then

I have a parts stash in my room already, it consists of H1 HID kit, new NGK plugs, HKS heat sheild, my pioneer bluetooth stereo and power enterprise oil filter

Car would get a full service when it arrives consisting of cam belt, all belts, fluids, filters

Then comes a clifford alarm and a few defi gauges, then after that we will see

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