Wednesday 17 September 2014

Update: 30/04/2008

well the HKS Fuel Pump and the HKS SSQV arrived last night, popped on the SSQV and removed the old dead pump and we plumbed in the new HKS Fuel Pump, jumped the car(batt was dead) and the car started back into life!!!

The fuel filter on the end of the old pump was filthy dirty!

Awesome - skyline smiles all around

on the test drive, all seems ok, i feel that the new uprated fuel pump is slightly overfueling as the car doesn't feel as quick as before(bear in mind its nearly been a month since i have driven it! ) went for a drive and by the end, it feeled a little better - the ECU had started to re-learn

so the more i drive it, the better it should get hopefully

Just waiting on the splitfires to arrive and i have also ordered a Nismo Short Shifter and Nismo Carbon Gear Knob, some nice editions

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