Wednesday 17 September 2014

Update: 02/03/2008

Well its March already, the months are flying past so far, another quick update

Finally a nice dry but windy weekend, i dropped all the old oil out of the car and filled it back up again with Motul 15w50 along with a new power enterprise oil filter

Also replaced all of the plugs, the ones that were in it where fairly old and very brown so they needed a change anyway, popped the NGK(BKR7EIX) ones in and put it all back together, was quite impressed with my self for doing it all

Thanks to Dizz for the use of his garage and for cleaning the throttle body, it was manky and sticking, now its like new! Car pulls like a train now with the new plugs, nice difference

Car will be heading to RPMotors(RBPaul from here) to get all of the gearbox/diff oil, all of the belts including timing belt & tensioners next week so the car will be running super sweet, the only way to be!!

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