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Update: 15/05/2008 - Nismo Short Shifter Fitting

Nismo Short Shifter and Nismo Carbon Gear Knob Fitted

New Nismo Short Shifter with Nismo Carbon Gear Knob for R33

Current Stock Setup

Remove Gear Stick plastic cover - one screw behind ash tray and gently pull the cover up and expose the following

Remove the 4 screws and lift plate out along with rubber boot, Peel back this 2nd rubber boot, there is a cable tie holding it to the gearbox - snip it

Exposed gear stick - get a C clips and remove C clip, once removed gear stick will just lift up and out

Nismo Short Shifter vs Nissan Stock - looks similar but is shorter and has less throw on it

Nismo Short Shifter back in place - reverse steps above, you will need a new cable tie to secure the boot onto the gearbox

Replace boot and metal place and secure back in place with the 4 screws

Replace plastic covering and screw back in place behind ash try, attach new gear knob and applaud yourself

On my test drive, it works quite well, noticeable difference, shorter through, slight vibration from gear knob, just needs to be secured tighter, all good

Approx time to fit = 20-30 mins
Screw driver and C Clips needed - very straight forward

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