Tuesday 6 September 2016

Update: 6/9/2016 - Multiple issues resolved & new Link Crank & Cam Trigger Kit

Large update so bear with me.....

Well after the faulty TPS(Throttle Position Sensor) was replaced, I drove the car but being a picky git I knew something wasn't right & still wasn't happy with the reduction in power and crap fuel consumption(90km only to 1/2 a tank) & smelt very rich so went back to TDP.ie once again. Advised to fully diagnose it and figure it out & I went on my holidays.

Here is the story of what they found and/or work carried out......

  • The BKR7EIX sparkplugs, which had just over 12,000km on them, were dead from fuel contamination so where replaced with new BKR8EIX - they showed marks of the spark going out the side of them - probably just old, however last set lasted over 20K.
  • My original VVT sprocket(Nissan's vtec basically) was doing funny things when oil temp was over 80c resulting in a torque reduction.
  • When a known good VVT sprocket was put on, they discovered that the inlet cam was very tough to turn by hand and/or spanner.
  • Inlet rocker cover was taken off to find that the #6 inlet cam cap was nearly seized, apparently due to lack of oil film coating - debatable
  • Both inlet cam & cap were removed & polished and reassembled.
  • Then came the question of the oil being used. I had been using Millers CFS Nanodrive 10w50 but TDP.ie only recommend Mobil1 10w60 for the RB engines due to its "stickyness" as in it leaves a much better protective oil film on the parts especially on older engines.
  • Probably nothing wrong with the Millers apart from the film of oil coating is not thick enough. Again debatable but cant argue with pictures of lack of oil in the head in certain areas. Unfortunately I didn't get a sample of the Millers to get tested.
  • I questioned head blockage but oil pressure is rock stable at all temps / speeds so no issues there.
  • Millers oil was dropped and Mobil1 10w60 with new greddy OX-3 filter went back on.
  • The heat from the blowing cat on track melted the wideband sensor wiring & ruined the actual sensor so sensor was replaced and wiring repaired and protected with additional heat shielding. #hero
  • Then after all that, while it was all apart, I suggested looking at the full trigger kit to replace the old RB CAS sensor. Bearing in mind when the Link ECU was installed, there was a new trigger disc installed but that still relies on the old LED in the CAS to get a signal - causing scatter in the signal
  • So a new custom Crank & Cam trigger with Hall Effect Sensors were installed & wired up - signal is 100% perfect and gives a perfect wave on the test equipment
  • As the rad was out, all new coolant was put in and the gearbox & diff were flushed and filled back up with Mobil1 80w90 GL-5 spec oil
  • Back on the dyno and mapped with the new trigger kit back on & the result of all of that is....
Performance Details:
306.9BHP at the Wheels @ 5962RPM
353BHP at the Fly @ 5962RPM
351.3lbft of Torque @ 4829RPM
Peak of 0.9Bar of Boost @ 4872RPM

It had dropped down to 326BHP at the fly with the previous issues so was good to be back up to the previous before power levels albeit only slightly lower but the power now comes in full whack at lower RPM now.

Need to drive it a bit more but fuel consumption is nearly right and boost control needs a further tweak so a quick map check is required but only as I am a fussy git.

As always, stay tuned for next update

Some pics for you