Tuesday 3 April 2018

03/04/2018: Finally a Turbo Upgrade!!!

Am wary of the stock series2 turbo these days as it is getting tired and old. Really not sure how it has even lasted so long at this power but Big news! I know I have been saying it for ages but I finally bit the bullet after many months deciding what way I wanted to go with the turbo setup. After buying a new house and having to furnish it from top to bottom when we get the keys in September, there was a limited turbo upgrade budget available.

I wanted stock-ish engine bay looks and an eager responsive setup so this week I ordered an AutoExtreme 400BHP Hybrid Turbo(UK Built)& fitting kit(braided lines etc), Tomei Expreme Outlet(Open mouth elbow), Nismo 740cc injectors and am just about to order a 90 degree silicone bend for the turbo. This will be a stop gap until I go full balls out Sinco/6Boost mani with GT(X)3076R w/ext wastegate but who knows when that will be. The hybrid turbo has been selling well in the UK for the last 2/3 years with zero failures and very good feedback and most power figures around the 408BHP @the fly wheel. There was a recent easter promotion discounted price so got in quick!

The turbo

Tomei Expreme Outlet Pipe

Nismo 740cc Side-Feed Injectors

Have stockpiled a wad of parts over the last few months to do a few bits & bobs

Nissan Genuine OEM O2 Sensor
Sytec Fuel Filter
Titan Steel Wheel Nuts(Black)
CL RC5+ Brake Pads(4069) - R
DBA T3 4000 Discs - R
Mobil1 10w60 Extended Life Engine Oil w/Greddy Oil Filter OX-03

Had planned on hitting the track on the 6th April but with college work mounting up and being away with work, I never got a chance to get the car ready. There are plenty more track days later on in the year so will get booked in for them once car is sorted.

The Tomei & Nismo parts are en-route from Japan, should have the Hybrid turbo & fitting kit within the next 2 weeks.

With the new power, I can only assume I will need an uprated diff & next stage clutch but will see how we get on first.

So with my exams over in May, I will hopefully be able to focus on the car for the summer months and get all these parts added and keep her running sweet!

As always, stay tuned!