Wednesday 31 July 2019

Update: 31/07/2019 - Great Progress!

Update: 31/07/2019

Alot has happened since last update back in Feb hence the long post. Progress & forum updates have been slow due to college exams and moving into our new house along with the family expanding. I do love a challenge! I have bite the bullet and paid for image hosting via photo bucket so alot of pictures are about to be uploaded!

Since the work back in Feb, did some research around a suitable replacement clutch and I went with a Nismo Coppermix Twin Plate clutch - bit of an overkill for now but is perfectly suited for future plans :-) The old exedy stage 2 sports paddle clutch served its purpose over the last few years but was slipping with the added boost. Being a nismo part, you know it is going to be quality. However, with that in the RHDjapan shopping basket, nismo suspension arms and greddy oil filters also fell in accidentally. Order was paid for and shipped but unfortunately DHL hit me for a serious amount of customs duty to the tune of 380euro!!! which was tough to swallow but had to be done.

Old Exedy Stage2 Sports Clutch

Nismo Coppermix Twin Plate & Various Parts

Over the past few years, I have struggled to find a quality sports cat which, in theory, should be less restrictive then stock but still keep emissions down. I found an amazing welder on instagram who agreed to weld on some flanges to the Vibrant 300cel sports cat. As parts started to arrive, i also picked up a catch can and associated AN fittings and hoses. With all parts collected, it was time to head back up to Richard Bradley for fitting and setup again. The ask was to fit the nismo clutch, arms, oil change again, sports cat, setup launch control(hehe) & catch can etc

Big thank you to Gus for the help with transportation

Richard Bradley Prep

With it all setup, it made a bit more power. However it looks like the sports cat is still restrictive causing additional duty cycle to meet the power. A silenced decat is on the cards me thinks!

Performance Details - AutoExtreme Hybrid 450bhp on BradleyMotorworks Dyno
340BHP at the Wheels @ 6278RPM
370.7BHP at the Fly @ 6278RPM
329.2lbft of Torque @ 4787RPM
Peak of 1.5Bar of Boost @ 6278RPM

With the car setup now and running well all I can say is it is violent delivery of power lol. I managed to squeeze in a track day with Rob & the team at Completed plenty of laps and the car survived well until i generated a boost leak somewhere which put an end to the day towards the end which was good. Tyres took a hammering. Really do need better suspension to remove that lean and crack the 2:15 time. Alot more left in the car. 19th July Pics - no specific order

With the move to the new house, i have no cleaning gear with me so the car was manky especially after the trackday. I found a local mobil valet guy who was recommended by a neighbour. After speaking with him, he knew what he was talking about and used similar products to what i use so was an easy decision. Great results and delighted to have it clean again

Mobile Valet

Random Pictures

So what is next I hear you say? Well, got to get a silenced decat and get that fitted and mapped again and start the saving pot for some better suspension and see what happens :-)

As always, stay tuned....

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