Tuesday 26 July 2016

Update: 26/07/2016 - Track time!

Stock cat back on as I wasn't happy with the 200cel sports cat(on dyno it was robbing power & drinking fuel), oil/filter change & Link G4+ ecu tweak in prep for trackday.

Was out on track on the 22nd July in Mondello, Ireland's only track, for the first time in about 1.5/2 years. great fun all day. 45 laps over the course of the day. car ran well all day(even popped a few flames), no major issues. Down on power slightly to keep it safe.

It was the first time to be able to test things like the oil cooler / Nismo S-Tunes etc on track.

Greddy/Mocal 19row Oil Cooler: hottest the oil(Millers NanoDrive CFS 10w50 - freshly changed) got was 110c when hammering it. cooled down quickly on cool down laps back down to 90c ish.

EBC red stuff pads & ebc disks: were questionable - deffo needs to be upgrade for next time, even just the pads. nasty pedal feel which didn't inspire confidence.

Nismo S-Tune Suspension: when stiffened up on the fronts, they performed well. inside the car it felt like it was leaning a good bit but from pics it doesn't look too bad.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Assy2: excellent tyre, well scrubbed in by now. little or no slippage even when squealing. ran at 30psi. when heated up on track was around the 34psi mark. was constantly checking the pressures.

@PeeSpeed photography (great pics, thank you) were on hand to capture some great pics & some of my own

Car is lumpy down low since map tweak(didn't experience on track as mostly high revs) and it now has a blown cat gasket so getting sorted in TDP.

Looking forward to next track day when possible

As always, stay tuned....

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