Friday 10 April 2015

Update: 10/04/2015

Quick update here

Car is booked into on the 20th April for the Link G4+ ECU

List of things to do(in no particular order):

Link G4+ ECU PnP
Link 4Bar Map Sensor
Link Boost Control Sensor
Link CAS trigger wheel
Wiring of map & boost control sensor
ECU mapping
Fit Sports Cat(100Cell)
Make up AN10 oil cooler lines & brackets & fit oil cooler kit
Oil Change with supplied filter & new sump plug
Brake fluid pressure bleed
Squeaky belts on cold start up
General check over & track seal of approval

Few Pics & Vids

R33 Sports Cat(100CEL)

Wicklow Gap Run


Link G4+ Comparison Table

RB25DET HKS Hi Power Silent Exhaust Cam

Once all goes smoothly with Link etc, I hope to make it out on track in May & give the Nismo S-Tune suspension a good going over

As always, stay tuned.....

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