Tuesday 21 April 2015

Update: 10/10/2013 - Nismo Fuel Pump Install

Well the Nismo Fuel Pump arrived but only after Irish customs hit me with €70 tax on the part!! A$$holes!

I wasted no time in fitting it. I had already removed the HKS fuel pump so it was an "easy" matter of fitting the nismo one. Step by step pics below

Disconnect the battery first!

HKS vs Nismo Fuel Pump = Identical.....
Deep dark smelly hole of fuel!
Can just see the fuel pump holder here
The fuel pump goes in there, next to the battery in the boot
New Nismo non-return valve to keep pressure in the lines for longer
Once all hooked up to the top of the fuel pump parts, it wont move, it should be placed 260mm from pump, 55mm from top. cut the fuel line accordingly
Fuel pump going in, tricky - it is all touch/feel, you cant see anything!
You need to put the pump right at the back and hang it off the plastic hanger
Make sure you get the seal down nice & even all the way around, this can be tricky
Put on the lock ring and tighten it all up & connect up the lines/plugs
Fuel pump lid on
Check your pressure if you have a fuel pressure gauge. Mine is at 2 bar only because batt died as I took this picture. once batt charged, it should be reading around the 3bar mark
First start of RB25DET after fitting Nismo Fuel Pump
Nismo RB25DET Fuel Pump: Fuel Pressure Check

Needless to say I am quite happy with myself getting it working, took a while but got there in the end!

Stay tuned!

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