Friday 8 May 2015

Update: 08/05/2015 - Got the car back!

Got the car back earlier this evening from

Wow is all I can say

Super neat job on the oil cooler, can't even see it, sports cat is in, squeaky belts fixed, brakes bled giving a marginally better pedal feel

But the big one is the installation of the Link G4+ ECU w/map sensor, boost control & CAS trigger wheel

The car is alot smoother to drive and has a good bit more torque than before

Bearing in mind my previous figure of 353bhp was at its peak 18months ago then the sensors started to fail. Last time it was dyno'd was at 342bhp back in December

New performance figures: 
309.3BHP at the Wheels @ 6700RPM
355.7BHP at the Fly @ 6700RPM
353.9lbft of Torque @ 4847RPM
Peak of 0.9Bar of Boost @ 5095RPM

Regardless of the figures now, it is seriously smoother to drive & with more torque and power for more of the rev range, it is a handful in the wet at least

TDP did mention that the turbo is tired so didn't push the boost past 0.9bar to be safe

Back with a skyline smile once again

Will try & get some vids/pics/graphs up over the next few days when I can

Stay tuned!

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