Sunday 10 May 2015

Update: 10/05/2015 - Link G4+ Update & Dyno Graphs

Have clocked up 250kms over the weekend & to say I am happy is an understatement

Despite the stock turbo, the power delivery is brutal. So much faster than before. With the addition of the sports cat, there is alot more grunt, especially on boost. Sounds amazing though!!! Some lovely pops & burbles on 2nd/3rd/4th overrun

Managed to take a few pics, will get better pics at a later time

TDP Stainless Steel custom air filter pipe

Oil Cooler line routing

Oil Cooler sambo plate w/lines

Oil cooler position in front bottom left part of bumper hiding away - works a treat though!

Flywheel / Torque graph to correct scale

Torque(not to scale) / AFRs


Torque(not to scale) / Flywheel power

Dyno torque / Wheel power

Random cockpit shot

Link G4+ ECU PnP being installed by

Next step is to simply to enjoy it & get Ian from Elite Auto Clean to give it a once over during the next few weeks

As always, stay tuned....

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