Monday, 22 June 2015

Update: 21/06/2015 - Will I be 3rd time lucky with the Alternator???

Got the R34 alternator back but with the R33 case & pulley on it as all the measurements are identical fitting apart from the front case - different sized mounts

Spent the guts of 2 hours trying to fit it & get that dam spacer in & not going in at all

we took out the alt one last time & checked the bolt......

It was never going to fit!

Thanks to Carlo & Mike for the extra pair of hands

So for future reference for anybody reading this thread looking for help on alternators, an R34 alternator will not fit a R33 RB25DET engine as the mounts are different, even if you swap the cases

Father in law will drop the 2 alternators back down to Balfes today for them to swap back the case/pulley onto the R33 alternator & then recon that one

It has to fit then!

3rd time lucky!

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