Tuesday 16 June 2015

Update: 16/06/2015 - Alternator saga!

So after discovering my alternator was dying, i thought it would be a smart to get a 2nd unit & get that recon'd letting me still tootle to work & back but my stock alternator had other ideas and just let go & wouldn't maintain the charge at all

Managed to get a 2nd hand replacement unit, nothing showed up after a week & then finally it was sent.

I sent it over to Balfes who had it recon'd & painted in stealthy black within a day.

Went to remove stock one last Saturday. nothing too difficult, just need to take it out from the bottom with an extra pair of hands as it can't come out from the top. Side by side comparison showed I had been sent an R34 alternator & not an R33

To say i was fuming is an understatement after buying it & then getting it recon'd(all in about 205euro). not impressed

Anyways, right now Balfes have the 2 alternators & will try to swap over the case & pullies as the R34 case wont fit in the R33 as the flanges are bigger. The cases physically look like they will fit

Risk is that the R34 alt is 150amps vs the R33 alt is approx 80amps - hopefully i wont start blowing stuff???

Should have it back this week to fit at the weekend & back on the road once again. Never ending but at least its done now

In hindsight, i should have just taken my one out & got that recon'd instead of messing about with a 2nd hand unit - lesson learnt

Any, some pics of the alternators for comparison

Stock R33 Alternator

Reconn'd R34 Alternator

Side by side comparison

As always, stay tuned.....

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